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An Innovative new way to Wash Up and Help the Environment

Best of C

Just Hangit™

• Soap Hanger
• Works on most bars of soap
• No More gooey, messy soaps, soap dishes and counters
• Soaps Last Longer
• Environmentally friendly
• Just Hangit®

Just Hangit™ is a patent pending new Innovative way to wash hands and help the environment. The Just Hangit™ allows you to conveniently hang your soap from the faucet making washing hands a breeze or from your wrists when showering. You will never have to worry about dropping the bar of soap again. Perfect for individuals with arthritis or back problems. Your soap will always stay fresh and clean.





SeaCal Plus

Best of C

A plant-source calcium?

SeaCal PLUS™ calcium comes from the algae Lithothamnion calcareum – a living, edible, organic plant rich in calcium and other nutrients. Branded as Aquamin™, it is a red algae that grows off the coast of Iceland that naturally contains over 34% in elemental calcium. Being a food, it contains a full spectrum of over 73 minerals which are important for bone health.

NPN: 80048742

90 caps

Click here for PDF brochure.





Rest EEzzz

Best of CNatural Balance® Rest EEzzz™ drink mix combines the natural benefits of Organic Pumpkin seed flour, and plant sourced Calcium and Magnesium. Rest EEzzz™ uses pumpkin seed flour which has a higher protein percentage per gram than the whole seeds and therefore a higher tryptophan content together with a carbohydrate source dextrose, shown to be helpful for serotonin production and delivering the natural tryptophan across the blood brain barrier. Calcium and Magnesium is included as studies show calcium and magnesium are effective nutrients to help people fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

300 g

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