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An Innovative Way To Wash Up & Help The Environment

A Canadian invention is raising the bar on the way we wash our hands. This new invention is called the Just Hangit™ soap hanger, a patent pending new re-useable product that offers an Innovative new way to wash your hands and help the environment. The Just Hangit™ is an eco-friendly product that promotes the use of the bar of soap. The Just Hangit™ eliminates all the negatives associated with bars of soap in the past. This product attaches to most bars of soap and allows one to hang the soap from your faucet, placing the soap right where you need it. Perfect for the washroom, laundry room, kitchen or the RV. The Just Hangit™ allows the soap to dry within minutes between use so your soap will always stay clean and dry. Eliminating Messy Gooey Soaps, soap dishes and counters. The Just Hangit™ can also be worn on your wrist when showering so you will never have to worry about dropping the bar of soap again. Ideal for everyone as it eliminates the dangers associated with retrieving a dropped bar while showering. Bars of soap are considered a more eco friendly way to wash up. The Just Hangit™ by promoting bars of soap will save billions of plastic bottles from going to landfills yearly helping make the planet a better place. The Just Hangit™ also promotes easy hand washing which is an important factor to deter the spread of viruses.

Here are a few soaps the Just Hangit™ works on:
• Lever – (excellent) – On in 4-5 minutes of soaking.
• Yardley- (excellent)- On in 2 minutes of soaking.
• Olay - Ultra moisture – (works well) On in 2-3 minutes of soaking .
• Pears glycerine- good- On in 2 to 5 minutes
• Jergens- good- On in 30 seconds to 2 minutes
• Ivory- good- On in 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
• Health food store – Pure glycerin- good – On in 5 to 8 minutes.
• The Soap works – excellent-
• Hemp Soap Works- good-
• Nova Scotia Fisherman –(apple cider soap) Net. wt. 4.8 Oz. (136 g)-good
• Zest Soap- good - 40 seconds to 2 minutes
• Nivea creme soap- good- On in 15 minutes
• Prima Goat Farms- Goats Milk Soap (90 g)- good-On in 3 to 5 minutes
• Lush – Karma soap – good to excellent – On in 1 minute
• Lush- Dirty soap- good to excellent- On in 1 to 2 minutes
• Dial -glycerine soap-ultra fresh hydration (113 g. bar)-excellent-On in 2 minutes.
• Life brand (Glycerin soaps) –100 g – on in 2 minutes – holds well.
• Hornby Island soap- (100% pure olive oil) (100 g)- The Work Bar: Soap for gardeners, Grease monkeys and Coalminers.-On in 5 to 6 minutes. May need to re-apply
• Mountain Sky-Canadian Glacial Clay- Excellent –On in 2 to 3 minutes.
• Mountain Sky – Moroccan Argan – 135 g – Excellent – On in 3 minutes
• Soap Works – Cucumber & Calendulla- okay – On in 6 minutes
• Wellskin – Allenburys basic soap for sensitive skin - 100 g- On in 5 to 7 minutes – good
• The Body Shop soap- Sumsata Orange (and all others) - 100 g – On in 2 to 3 minutes – excellent
• Camay – soft soap- On in 40 seconds – good
• Bali Soap –Lemongrass – 100 g- good – On in 3 to 5 minutes.
• Bali Soap – Vanilla – 100 g- On in 5 minutes
• Alqaryon Soap- Pure Olive Oil and Dead sea Salts- 100 g- on in 10 to 12 minutes- excellent
• Old Spice- swagger soap –113 g.- on in 2-3 minutes- holds excellent.

SOAPS that don't work well:
• Irish springs
• Dove – goes on but may fall off due to moisture. Could re-apply.
• Dr. bronner
• Thursday Plantation ( Tea tree)
• Camay hard Variety
• Due to moisture content or extreme hardness.

Buy ONE $ 4.50 each
Buy TWO $ 4.25 each/ Cost $ 8.50
Buy THREE or more $4.00 each/ Cost $12.00

Shipping within CANADA: (1 to 3 units) add $1.95
Shipping within USA: (1 to 3 units) add $3.80

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