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Bone Health Calcium Support

SeaCal™ PLUS

A plant-source calcium?

SeaCal PLUS™ calcium comes from the algae Lithothamnion calcareum – a living, edible, organic plant rich in calcium and other nutrients. Branded as Aquamin™, it is a red algae that grows off the coast of Iceland that naturally contains over 34% in elemental calcium. Being a food, it contains a full spectrum of over 73 minerals which are important for bone health.

NPN: 80048742

90 caps

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Calcium Balance

Calcium Balance™

Our #1 selling ionic Calcium Magnesium drink powder now uses SeaCal ™ Organic Plant Sourced Calcium. This unique pre ionized form of Calcium, Magnesium now allows for maximum bio-availability and absorption of calcium the way nature intended.
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